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Gold Patents and Financial Services Ltd. (1992), is an Israeli intellectual property firm
located in Haifa with an affiliated office in Tel-Aviv. We provide comprehensive
drafting and registration services for patents, trademarks and designs. Our main objective
is to anticipate our clients’ IP needs and provide high quality services to support
their business goals and protect their IP assets.

For more than a decade, Gold Patents, led and directed by Dr. Marganit (Maggie) Goldraich, patent attorney, has developed with her highly qualified staff , IP strategies for hundreds of clients in various sectors of business and technology including: academic institutions, start-ups, industrial incubators, developed companies and private inventors and entrepreneurs in the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceutics, chemistry and chemical engineering, medical devices and applications, as well as avionics, electro-optics, green energy, healthcare, consumer electronics, mechanics, hardware, software, materials and integrated systems.

Gold Patents Israeli clients benefit from our services in patents, designs and trademarks
drafting, filing and registration; patent harvesting - leading sessions for R&D, marketing
and management teams targeted towards IP portfolio enrichment; IP strategy services – evaluation and analyses of IP portfolios, tailoring IP portfolio that supports their business goals.

Our approach to IP aims at providing results-oriented solutions. We are committed
to deliver superior IP services in a timely and cost effective manner. We take pride
in what we do especially when developing IP strategies that operate well in
a commercial context for our clients. Some examples of life science fields in which
Gold Patents is involved in IP protection are:

Our client success is our first priority. Visit our Facebook page and experience the joy of great inventions and patents that may change our lives

Gold Patents IP services for its international clients include:

All patent attorneys of Gold Patents are knowledgeable researchers with global experience in analyzing, evaluating and prosecuting IP. They come from various academic and professional backgrounds, holding Ph.D. degrees in science, technology or engineering. This enables the firm to spare clients from unnecessary learning curve costs and bring a variety of creative IP solutions.

At Gold Patents, we have established business relationship with many IP firms and companies worldwide. We also have a vast experience dealing with the Israeli Patent and Trademark Office (ILPTO), including leading the implementation of cost effective charges.

Gold Patents team is looking forward to answer any of your enquiries on IP filing in Israel. Feel free to directly connect with Maggie Goldraich on LinkedIn, contact us at , and visit our site .

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