Siqueira Castro – Advogados

Rua tabapuã
81 – 4 floor – Itaim Bibi
São Paulo – SP – Brasil
Zip Code 04533-010

Heitor Faro de Castro

+55 (11) 3704 9840



Considered one of the most traditional and prestigious law firms in Brazil, with 74 partners and 781 associates, Siqueira Castro – Advogados is a pioneer full-service business law firm with offices throughout the country. Over its 65-year history, our firm has consistently met the great range of our clients’ legal needs with a full spectrum of services and excellent results in all areas of business law. Moreover, our clients have come to trust that our structure will constantly benefit from solid and regular investments in resources and personnel.

Today, in addition to our headquarters in São Paulo, the firm is present in 19 state capitals of Brazil, namely: Rio de Janeiro, Brasília, Fortaleza, Belo Horizonte, Salvador, Porto Alegre, Recife, Natal, João Pessoa, Aracaju, Vitória, Maceió, Teresina, São Luís, Manaus, Belém, Goiânia and Porto Velho. This enables convenient access to all relevant economic centers of the country. In the international arena, we have taken steps to make the firm one of the most active Brazilian players abroad, with the incorporation of our Lisbon (Portugal) and Luanda (Angola) branches.

We also maintain strategic alliances with reputable firms in Brazil, Latin America, North America, Asia, Africa and Europe, many as a consequence of our participation in ADVOC, the international network of independent law firms –, of which Siqueira Castro – Advogados is the only Brazilian member.

What sets Siqueira Castro – Advogados apart is more than just the performance of its highly qualified professionals, many of whom have both worked and studied abroad. It is the personalised services that the firm devotes to projects, deals and businesses that call for understanding of many specialties. We leverage the force inherent in our highly organised structure to bring speed, safety, flexibility, efficiency and cost savings to every task in our charge.

Development Siqueira Castro – Advogados has grown impressively in all regions of Brazil. “In 2014, we will continue our geographical expansion process with the opening of our new Curitiba and Florianopolis offices”, says Carlos Fernando Siqueira Castro, managing partner of the firm.

The great strength of Siqueira Castro – Advogados has always been our people. The firm is known for the excellence of its team. Among our partners and associates are some of the most renowned names in the Brazilian legal market.

In 2013, the firm’s board recognised the loyalty and outstanding performance of the following eight associates by promoting them to partners: Eduardo Ribeiro Augusto (intellectual property, São Paulo office); Leonardo Cotta Pereira (corporate, Rio de Janeiro office); Letícia Prebianca (labour and social security, Rio de Janeiro office); Mariana Spoto Cobra (real estate, São Paulo office); Renato Kloss (regulatory and infrastructure, Rio de Janeiro office); Sérgio Ricardo Fogolin (corporate, São Paulo office); Vania Aieta (electoral, Rio de Janeiro office); Williane Gomes Pontes Ibiapina (labour and social security, Fortaleza office).

Areas and clients:
Siqueira Castro – Advogados is active in every major area of business law, including: corporate, mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, banking and finance, tax litigation and tax planning, antitrust, environmental law, intellectual property, international trade and commercial defence, insurance and reinsurance, timber and forest investments, mining law, energy, oil and gas, communications and telecommunications, international contracts, tourism, sports and entertainment, information technology and the internet, health and sanitation, privatisations and concessions, litigation and arbitration, corporate recovery and bankruptcy, constitutional law and government relations, regulatory and administrative law, infrastructure and PPPs, consumer relations, labour law and social security, corporate criminal defence, real estate, electoral law, aerospace law, maritime law, civil law and contracts, credit recovery, third sector, due diligence, transportation, family and successions, biotechnology and class action suits.

For decades, our intense exchange with clients and our dynamic approach has led companies to endow us with their trust. More and more, we extend these assets to a growing list of new clients. We take pride in having more than 2,700 regular clients from all economic sectors, ranging from small companies to large multinational corporations.
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