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Headed and founded by Avv. Prof. Cesare Galli, Full Professor of IP Law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Parma and a former partner of Vanzetti e Associati, the firm operates mainly in the field of Intellectual Property law (Patents - with a specific experience in Biotech Patents and in Cross-Border Litigations -, Trademarks and Domain Names, Unfair Competition, Advertising, Licensing, Copyright and Related Rights), even if it works also in the fields of General Commercial law and Competition/Anti-trust.

The firm came into being as a boutique firm, highly specialized in IP law and characterized by the personal imprint of its founder, Professor Cesare Galli. It has firmly maintained this character without neglecting the importance of having at its disposal a highly professional team, able to coordinate itself with the leader with shared objectives and to move in a prevalently international context, whilst at the same time being strongly rooted in the most important areas of the economic life of Italy. The firm has its main offices in Milan and branch offices in Brescia, Parma and Verona.

Clients include large foreign industrial groups working in the food and chemical sectors and Italian firms operating in areas such as design and the new technologies as well as leading firms in the field of fashion and luxury goods (including the owners of some trade marks-symbols of Italian creativity in the field), the mechanics, electromechanics and pharmaceuticals industries and the agricultural produce processing sector.

The firm also advises important international publishers in the copyright field and very recently has been chosen to coordinate the defence and enhancement in Italy of some important international trade marks in the fashion field, from the drawing up of contracts to any legal defence which may be required.

The expertise of the firm and of his head and founder, Professor Cesare Galli, has been widely recognised at both domestic and international level.

In October 2006 Professor Galli was appointed by the Italian Government member of the Technical Committee instituted at the High Commission for the Fight against Infringement, i.e. a group of experts which shall assist the Commissioner in his work. Already in 2004 he appeared before the Parliamentary Commission on Productive Activities of the Chamber of Deputies as one of the experts called to give their opinion on the new Code of Industrial Property, and in 2005 was appointed member of the Governmental Commission for the Revision of the Code.

Following its establishment, the Firm has been always placed by the Chambers «The World’s Leading Lawyers for Business» Guide among the leading Italian practices in the IP sector, and Professor Cesare Galli has been placed among the leading individuals in the same sector, the same and other international publications.

In particular, in 2007 and 2008 this year Professor Cesare Galli has been placed among the six «Number 1» IP attorneys in Italy; and the firm as a whole has been included among the top ten Italian firms in the sector, and among these one of the few to have two leading individuals indicated by the Guide. In fact this year too the attorney Dr. Mariangela Bogni, alongside Professor Galli, has been placed by the Guide among the leading Italian lawyers in the IP field.

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