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PTAB was right to rubbish substituted claims
02 February 2016 | Washington DC
The Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has affirmed the US Patent Trial and Appeal Board’s (PTAB) decision to invalidate the substituted claims of Illumina Cambridge’s patents for a method of DNA sequencing by synthesis... readmore

PDL Biophama claims infringement of expired patent
27 January 2016 | New Jersey
PDL Biophama has accused Merck Sharpe & Dohme (MSD) of infringing a patent that has now expired... readmore

Pharma and academia form new fund
26 January 2016 | London
AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline and Johnson & Johnson have partnered with universities to establish a new fund aimed at turning academic science into innovative medicine... readmore

Acorda and Par settle Ampyra dispute
25 January 2016 | Delaware
Acorda Therapeutics has struck a deal to settle its patent infringement suit with rival Par Pharmaceuticals... readmore

Merck Europe wins trademark case against US arm
18 January 2016 | London
The UK High Court of Justice has ruled that the use of ‘Merck’ online by the US branch of the European pharmaceutical company is a breach of a trademark co-existence agreement signed in 1970... readmore

Pay-for-delay deals at a low, says FTC
14 January 2016 | Washington DC
Pharmaceutical companies in the US entered into substantially fewer pay-for-delay patent settlements in 2014, according the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC)... readmore

District court halts Takeda-Actavis dispute
13 January 2016 | Delaware
A district court has stayed the gout treatment dispute between Takeda Pharmaceuticals and Watson Laboratories and Actavis... readmore

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Matters of import
20 January 2016
Alireza Behrooz of Merchant & Gould and Nick Phillips of Edwin Coe discuss parallel importation of pharmaceuticals in the US and Europe readmore

Raising the bar
16 December 2015
Amendments to the US Civil Rules of Procedure could dissuade some non-practicing entities from targeting technology-rich sectors readmore

Making connections
02 December 2015
Changes are coming to the UK Patent Box to meet new international standards readmore

More features
06 January 2016
Australia’s IP system has come under the spotlight as the government considers possible reforms. Naomi Pearce and Nigel Lokan of K&L Gates speak to Tammy Facey readmore

11 September 2015
Mohan Dewan and Disha Dewan of R K Dewan & Co report on the ban on any changes to patent specifications or claims at the time of national phase entry via the Patent Cooperation Treaty in India readmore

11 September 2015
The fear that natural products would be privatised soon, or one cannot study a product of nature and benefit from it if another legally possesses it, is always in the minds of all stakeholders. D. Calab Gabriel and Maria Gabriel of Lex IP Care discuss the patenting of natural bio-materials in India readmore

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Terry Mahn
Fish & Richardson
03 February 2016
Terry Mahn of Fish & Richardson discusses the issues still to be resolved in the Food and Drug Administration’s proposed naming system for biosimilars readmore

Rogelio Nicandro
Romulo LLP
04 November 2015
Rogelio Nicandro of Romulo LLP offers some handy tips for stopping trademark infringement in the Philippines readmore

Grant Shoebridge
Shelston IP
04 November 2015
Grant Shoebridge of Shelston IP unpacks the Australian High Court’s Myriad decision readmore

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